Thursday, 10 January 2013

MAZDA R360 progress

Well, having completed all of the chrome bits on the shell, I have added the decals and painted the door handles and hinges on the engine cover.  I just need to add the headlight and that's the shell done.
All I need to do now is paint the interior, underside details and chrome foil the hubcaps... then it's done.
At last!

I'll add photos soon, and also photos of the Arii Japanese post box which I was painting last night.  Unpainted it looks quite bland, but painted and weathered slightly it looks the part.  Again, photos soon.

I have also done some more minor work to the Mini...
I added headlight bezels from Kotobukiya Gundam spares (sanded down to a shallower depth) and a new petrol cap, also from mecha parts.  This old Mini kit really does need some work, rather more than I expected.  I think it was a case of looking back at the old Airfix kits with rose-tinted glasses... in the early 1960s things were different, with the kits being aimed at boys rather than adult modellers of today who are more demanding in terms of fit, detail and accuracy.
Saying that, some of the kits are still gems - the Triumph Herald and the Vauxhall Viva HA being prime examples.  They have stood the test of time... just a shame about the thin plastic wheels.  Some nice vinyl ones would make a world of difference.

A photo update will follow very soon.

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