Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Honda T360

As a break from Land Rovers I've returned back to my Showa models and started on the Arii 1/32 Honda T360 little truck.  This a lovely little model which can benefit from some extra detailing.
I will be opening the door windows and detailing the cab, and will also replace the rear canvas cover over the body.  The Arii roof is rather featureless and lacking in detail.  To remedy this I have made a frame from brass wire and will add the canopy (once the rest is painted) from good quality tissue, cut to shape and soaked in a water/PVA glue mix.  As it dries the tissue will shrink to emphasise the frame, will be hard and have a good texture.  I can then add the tie downs from waxed thread, replacing the lashing hooks with bent wire.

This is the model with the plastic tilt in place...

As you can see, it looks just like a big lump sitting there... and this closer image of the part doesn't make it look any better.

So here is the model with my brass wire hoops added.  I still need to add the bracing parts of the frame, which I am assuming are running lengthwise just below the bend in each hoop... I haven't been able to find a photo of the tilt removed exposing the hoops.

The interior is nicely handled, but I will be adding more detail...

Just to show you how small this little vehicle was, I have a couple of comparison shots - one with a Land Rover, and one with a man on a Honda Super Cub...

The size of these Kei vehicles never ceases to amaze me.

I've also decided to finish this as a hard working little truck which has been roughly treated, so I will be adding the odd dent, some rust and fading paint.  It won't be as bad as my VW Beetle, but won't be in showroom condition either.  Kind of half-way between these sad examples found on

Mata atode 
(see you soon)