About Me

I am a 40-something employee of the National Health Service in Scotland and I have a huge interest in all things Japanese.  This interest grew out of watching Godzilla as a kid and has now manifested itself into holidays in Japan and an expanding DVD collection of Japanese TV and movies, learning the language and generally taking it all in.
At one time I was heavily into anime and manga, but the last 5 years have given me a taste for the real thing.

I have been model making for most of my life, but it was mostly military in 1/35 and figures.  I built a few cars, but not too many.  This new blog is my way of sharing my growing interest in Japanese cars of the Showa period, or at least the mid 50s to the late 70s.
Why Showa?
The cars of that period are just so unique and, in some cases quite comical in appearance... and they are readily available in kit form thanks to Arii, who appear to have bought the moulds from LS.

I also collect 12" figures 5" Dr Who figures from the classic series.