Monday, 14 November 2011

Surprise in Akihabara

To console myself after failing to photograph any old cars on the roads I went into Akihabara.  It's a 20 minute ride on the Tsukuba Express from Minami Nagareyama to Akihabara TX station.  Now I would normally go straight to Yodabashi Camera's model kits section but today I decided to take a good wander around the Electric Town, as it's known.
Not for me were the Maid Cafes, the game and manga shops... no, for me it was Tam Tam Hobby and Golden Age Toys.

Tam Tam Hobby is a well-stocked shop on two floors of a modern building, but 1/32 cars are limited to the Arii kits, plus some of the Fujimi and Aoshima accessories.  I bought a 1/12 Fujimi Honda Super Cub from there, not cheap but a nice model.  I also got some modelling materials I can't get at home.

Then I went to my favourite shop in Tokyo: Golden Age Toys.  This is a cramped little shop, old-looking and a bit overcrowded with 2 people in it, lol.
Anyway, apart from typically Japanese action hero figures they also have old model kits... and I found something I have never heard of.  This:
After some research back at the flat I discovered it's a Nissan Skyline from a series called "Seibu Keisatstu", which was on Japanese TV between 1979 and 1984, so it fits in with the Showa era nicely.
From what I can tell it was a police series set in Western Japan and featured guns, explosions and cars... some of them heavily modified.
Apart from a fleet of normal cars they also had three armed Skylines and a custom Super Z.
From the shell retainer in the box Aoshima did quite a few of these models in 1/32 scale:
I have to get that B&W patrol car kit...

One thing about this, and probably the rest of the series, is that they came in two forms: motorised and display, which is what this kit is.  However this means they have omitted the motor and added some extra parts to fill the gaps.  Similar to what Arii have done with the older kits.

Here are some more photos.

Here is a page from the instructions showing the computer console which replaced the passenger seat.  I will have to add some detail to the rear of the driver's seat as, as is common for this scale, it's hollow.  Not a good look.

The bodyshell is nicely detailed and features moulded name badges on the rear.  The clear parts are unmarked and there are cut-outs for the roof-mounted twin machine guns... why police need machine guns is beyond me, lol.

The rather scary looking Western Police Department team.  The guy top left looks like a Yakuza!  Sunglasses were obviously in fashion during the late 70s and early 80s, haha.

It would be nice to find some more of these, but only the static ones.  I found a site about the series, and here is a link to that site showing the same car as this model:
They even had some sort of heavily modified Nissan Safari 4x4, and what appears to be a very small US armoured car.  These guys meant business!

I shall now have to research this series so learn more about how the car was used.  For something like this some background detail would be a LOT of help.

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