Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Arii 1/32 scale 1969 Suzuki Fronte SS

The first car I will be building is the Arii 1969 Suzuki Fronte SS.  

The Suzuki Fronte 360 saloon was introduced in Japan in 1967 to replace the earlier Suzulight Fronte.  The car has a rounded shape with a small cosmetic grille at the front and large side grilles on the rear wings.  The rear bonnet features vents for the small engine.  The little car was nicknamed Daruma, after the traditional Japanese doll.
In 1968 the SS360 appeared with a 36hp engine, and the slightly more powerful Fronte SSS in 1970. The Fronte competed with the Mitsubishi Minica and the Subaru 360 for a share of the Kei car market.

Arii's model kit comes in white plastic with rather clouded transparencies and a set of rubber tyres.  There is also a small decal sheet, none of which seem relevant to this model.
The parts are crisp, although on mine the front of the body was marred where the sprue attachments has apparently been snapped off.  I have seen this with some of Arii's other kits in the series.

I have assembled the car loosely, and it looks like this:
As you can see it is rather a cute little car and will hopefully be a pleasure to build.
More next time...

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